Manulife Term Life Insurance

Manulife Term Insurance


Family Term Insurance with Vitality Plus.

Purchasing life insurance could be the most important step you take to protect your family’s future. When you die, having the right amount of life insurance protection will provide your family with a future that is financially secure.

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Why Term Insurance?

Term insurance can often be the best choice of life insurance protection since it can meet your needs now and fit comfortably within your budget. You can use term insurance for key person or employee coverage, to pay off your mortgage or debts and to provide money for your children’s education.

Family Term from Manulife is affordable and flexible multi-life protection that provides a variety of options to easily customize your coverage. When your needs change, you’ll have the perfect solution.


Family Term also provides the following benefits:

    Flexibility to change as your needs change
  • Coverage is available for both your temporary and life-time needs in the same plan
  • Easily update your coverage as your lifestyle and income change
  • Choose the payment option that suits your needs and budget
    Easy to understand
  • Family Term coverage is straightforward, low-cost insurance
  • Your contract is written in plain, easy-to-read language
  • Your plan is easy to manage with statements and notices that are clear and concise

Build the plan you need

Family Term provides insurance for the duration you select and your costs remain the same for this period. You can renew your coverage and future rates are guaranteed. Choose one or more of the following life insurance coverages in the same plan to meet your specific needs:

  • Term-10
  • Term-20
  • Term-65
  • Term-Life

Additional protection

    At no extra cost
  • Payment for bereavement counselling for your family
  • In case of terminal illness, you may be able to obtain an advance on a portion of the death benefit

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